I have almost completed my first year of graduate school. I know a lot more science and practically forgot all the theory. I follow the news (wildly), sleep with a cat every night, drink iced coffee, write empirically wrought papers, freeze my meals for the week, and watch the murder serious, Dexter. I am methodical and oftentimes complacent. In 9 days I will be officially divorced from a long distance relationship. It’s local distance; all the rage for Spring! April 1st; April Fool’s Day.The joke better not be on me. Hopefully Ezra will like the walls in his new apartment (along with the windows and doors). He has never seen it, not even photographs. I can’t stop daydreaming about decorating that loft. First thing’s first: purchase furniture. I forgot to mention I am currently obsessed with every design blog ever created. This is new.