Ann Arbor Village

September 21, 2009

I have a cold.  I live in Ann Arbor.  I attend the University of Michigan for environmental justice and environmental informatics (you know, GIS).  I have 2-3 friends.  I’m taking quantitative courses that are blowing my mind.  I work for a research lab that compiles data and research to advocate for minority activists for the environment.  I am a teaching assistant for an online sociology 101 course for 54 high schoolers.  I’m riding my bike a lot.  I buy sweaters.  Ezra is visiting on Friday.  We are going to a carnival and hayride that serves you a hot cider and a donut.

I miss North Carolina, in particular.

My Home (top), Verb in a tree (middle), Tour de Troit (bottom)
IMG_1035IMG_1085tour de troit