To forego any threatening feelings of boredom, regret, or contempt for my last summer in Greensboro, NC I continue to run about (almost witless) with an agenda and a marker to check off and add with.  I mention (in the subject of this post) that these are the first two weeks of counting down.  Not true.  These are, however, the first two weeks that are clearly apparent (in my brain and heart, whatever) of my departure.  I’ve crossed out/experienced/gathered perspective from the following: 

  • kayaking in the New (old) River
  • spending many evenings cooking southern, fattening meals
  • cycling forty miles through a vineyard and county I was unsure of
  • making homemade pizza/ hiking/ drinking/ laughing in the western part of this state
  • (Also in the western part of NC) Spending quality, lovely time with a friend for life (and) holding a steady garden in his backyard.
  • exceptionally broke with a smile
  • experiencing the Great Flood of Tate St. while doing a radio show with Travis Diehl
  • icecream (Tara)
  • that night I fell asleep at 5am on Emily and Rebecca’s couch
  • playing a steady game of tennis 3 times a week

Next Week’s Additions:

  • ocean
  • little brother
  • the car is parked (no rain)
  • giving away free items to friends
  • peaches (stands on the side of road)
  • a continuation of the love it or leave it philosophy