I’ve done well in the blogosphere this week. (Thanks to my girl Winnie Titch.)



Also, found a place to move to in Ann Arbor.  She does interior architecture, making the home charming, enchanting, and clutter-free.  A gem! 

I’ve been scheming to see the ocean a lot lately.  Myrtle Beach more than likely does not count.  Inspired to go camping at Ocracoake.  Get it in before the landlocked state becomes reality. 

I also have a new addition to life: garden.  Beets, cucumber, tomato plant (5 of them), squash, herbs, zuccini.  We are hoping for the best. 

Off to see Will Oldham tomorrow.  Life is particularly simple and sweet.



This past weekend I found myself in two different conversations with acquaintances about Eugene Chadbourne.  The first conversation, with a mandolin musician who does improv with Chadbourne (who also discounted the price of my viola* by over 200$ because I mentioned I like Chadbourne).  The second was with a daily patron of Tate Street Coffee (large coffee to-go, borrows a pen to do crossword in local paper).  The reason I post is because both conversations highlighted the sad fact that not many people in Greensboro, or the Triad area in general, know about this amazingly unique musician.  Starting with the electric rake, plumbers, the list goes on and on, to the mind-capturing lyrics (everything from war to love to pigs to flowers….), this man deserves a huge following.  I have found more of his records in other states (Michigan and Colorado) than in North Carolina.  Silly! 

Anyways, Mr. Chadbourne is playing this weekend on FRIDAY  and SATURDAY night at The Maya Art Gallery on Tate St. in Greensboro, NC.  (May 8th and 9th).  I couldn’t think of any excuse to not show up to one of these evenings!



* documentation of viola sold to me.  documentation that I love this instrument more than anything else I own (over Macy).  documentation of my entire weekend.