You are what you…

March 26, 2009

I’m reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma this week for a book club.  This morning Diane Reahm was talking about farm to fork politics.  NY Times had farming in the Business Section.  And the first garden on presidential soil since the victory garden.  I won’t deny that I live in a bubble, but I also enjoy optimism.


Songs about Michigan…

March 23, 2009

Today is the day after I told my family and the people closest to me that I am moving in August.  They knew, I knew; everything knew.  You cannot provoke or deny the inevitable.  Ann Arbor is a charming bubble of opportunity situated amidst the flattened, industrial landscape which is Michigan.  I’m there to learn, listen to some music, and eat healthy food for two years.  The School of Natural Resources and Environment is one of the top four schools for Environmental Graduate Programs (others are Yale, UC Santa Barbara, and Duke).  I’m honored to be studying environmental justice in a Gold LEED certified building.  One of the only Gold certified “green” buildings in the country. 

I will be working my first semester helping research with a professor for Obama’s environmental team.  My parents asked me to get my picture taken with anyone that has met/or plan to meet our president.  That was cute.  I’m more than ready to take on such a task.  I’m more than ready to go away, not knowing anyone and immerse my collective brain, heart, soul in social/natural science. 

I am not prepared (yet) to leave my North Carolina.   My beautiful family, friends, and landscapes. 

This summer will be devoted to a southern mentality; a life of hiking in the south, eating in the south, riding bike in the south, southern hospitality, familiar faces in familiar town, humidity, and solitude. 

The past month has made me want to bolt like a horse.  I lost a lot.  I’m without a life I once adored.  one time she said, but the water go so cold and you do lose what you don’t hold.

I am on my way, in my own way, this is the only way.


March 10, 2009

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It snowed. It’s 70 degrees now. Extremely fitting for life as I know it.