This happened because I had my camera stolen for the second time. I was bowling. It actually starts back earlier as a child begging them for a new camera every birthday or holiday that yielded gifts. It was not so much an artistic expression as much as an anxiety that I would forget chunks of my life. This second time having my camera stolen was particularly disturbing. It was a week before my birthday, two weeks before an historic election, and held at least 200 pictures on it. I’m okay.

Last night I felt on top; more like around. I have these friends, about ten of them, who have decided my home is the early Friday evening destination. The agenda was to enjoy the laughter, drink the wine, whiskey, and/or beer and then toy with the idea of wandering into the cold, dark night.

I am particularly interested in these evenings because they are infrequent and brimming with warmth.

I have been buying in bulk lately; beans, rice, whole grains, etc. It is the cheapest, most-sufficient way to approach shopping.